David Cohen's Decade of Exhibitions at the New York Studio School, 2000-2010


installation shot, Making Space: Charles Hewlings, Ron Shuebrook, 2002

installation shot, Vincent Barré, Curated by Karen Wilkin, 2003

installation shot, Pat Steir: Self-Portrait: Reprise, 1987-2009, 2009

installation shot, Tape and Steel: Recent Sculpture and Tape Drawings by Rebecca Smith, 2010

Portrait of the Gallery as Palimpsest

Activate the slideshow to savor the radical transformations to our historic gallery space from show to show, between 2001-10, with installations of Charles Hewlings and Ron Shuebrook, and by Vincent Barré, Pat Steir, and Rebecca Smith.

The exhibition, Decameron, brings together curator David Cohen's choice of works from a decade-long engagement with the New York Studio School, first as a guest curator in 2000 when he brought portraits by fellow Briton Leonard McComb to New York, and from July 2001 to September 2010,  as Gallery Director of the School. 

Cohen returns to install the scheduled exhibition of Liliane Tomasko in November 2010 and remains on faculty at the School as a lecturer on contemporary art.