Jilaine Jones

Jilaine Jones Wonder World 2006, photograph by Tim Nighswander


Like any serious modernist, Jilaine Jones renews tradition through its subversion. The depth of her understanding of the language of sculpture is revealed in her willingness to turn it inside out. In her handling, for instance, armature becomes frame, with metal as much supported by as supporting clay. Sometimes these elements are kept in tension, recalling fundamental distinctions between modeling and welding, while at other times the distinctions are allowed to dissolve.

She is a radical, inventive sculptor who inhabits various traditions simultaneously. Recently her work was crucially renewed through perceptual engagement with a model in her studio. But her sculpture is resolutely abstract, concerned with the phenomena of movement, light, individuality and environment.

These complex, intriguing works demand both literal and imaginative circumnavigation on the part of the viewer and reward, in kind, with visceral insights into the senses of time and place.

David Cohen
Gallery Director