Noreen Naughton and Martica Sawin
The Art and Teaching of Nicolas Carone

Nicolas Carone (1917-2010) was a founding member of the Studio School, where he taught drawing for 25 years.

Noreen Naughton: Artist and Professor Emeritus of Art, Kapi'olani Community College, University of Hawai'i.

Naughton studied with Nicolas Carone at NYSS in 1969; the experience developed into a mentorship and close friendship. Notes, drawings, diagrams and conversations through these 41 years of his life have culminated in the manuscript: The Teachings of Nicolas Carone, Master Artist. Naughton is represented by Andrew Rose Gallery, Honolulu.

Martica Sawin: Critic and art historian. Art History Department Chair, Parsons School of Design, 1967-1995; founder of Parsons in Paris; contributing editor ARTS, NY Correspondent, and Art International, 1950s and '60s. Publications include: Surrealism in Exile and the Beginning of the New York School; Alan Gussow: A Painter's Nature; Yves Tanguy; Wolf Kahn, Landscape Painter; monographs on artists such as Gordon Onslow Ford, Leon Kelly, Nell Blaine, and S.W. Hayter.



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