Summer Session 2016

Summer Session Student Painting the Figure

The Summer Session offers a unique opportunity for interested artists to experience the intensity and rigor of the Studio School's perspective in a condensed manner.

The Summer Session is comprised of both two-week and three-week courses that focus on specific concentrations in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students may choose to participate for two weeks, four weeks or for the full seven-week path. All classes are Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm, unless otherwise noted.

NYSS offers partial scholarships for the Summer Program. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please include in your application a 500 word (maximum) essay outlining your financial need and the ways in which a scholarship to attend will benefit your development as an artist.



Weeks One and Two:

Drawing Marathon: Graham Nickson and Guests. June 6-17, 2016

Intellectually rigorous, physically challenging, and surprising in its stratagem for discoveries, this marathon gives the student a real understanding of the language and importance of drawing, today and in the past.  The quest for form, space, and scale is a strong element.  The role of drawing in painting is also explored.  It is a very ambitious program pushing personal vision to an extreme. Cost: $1625.


Sculpture Marathon: Bruce Gagnier and Guests. June 6-17, 2016

The technique of modeling small sketches in clay from perception is taught eight hours a day, in two sessions from the live model. The sessions are four hours long.  A work is kept at the end of each session for firing in the kiln. The elements of the clay sketch as seen in classic examples from the past are learned in relation to spontaneity as well as vision. The form of the human is discussed in response to the experience of the human figure in various poses.   Slides and visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art will help students relate their studies to the tactile language in clay as seen in the masters. Cost: $1625. Additional materials fee: $200.



Weeks Three and Four:

Arbor Vitae, Painting Marathon: Graham Nickson and Guests. June 20-July 1, 2016

In this painting marathon, students will have the rare opportunity to combine working from perception and synthesizing that information with a model in a studio setting. The class will work approximately half of the time in the quiet splendor of Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island, working from the landscape. These paintings/studies will be used within the studio setting, allowing the student to amalgamate the different ideas onto a single (or multiple) canvas'. Intense color research methods bring students into new territory in terms of their palette and their ability to understand and apply the use of metaphor within their own work. Various strategies will be utilized to explore aspects of visual language: imagery, composition, scale, form, value, and hue. Students engage in multiple daily critiques in order to enhance their ability to read paintings and to help track their progression.  Cost: $2075.  Additional Activities Fee: $250.


Portrait Painting Focus: Joe Santore and Guests. June 20-July 1, 2016

This is an opportunity for serious painters to spend two full weeks focusing in on the figure. The class will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions to accommodate the changing light.  Students will attempt to develop strong images (portraits) through a series of drawings and studies before beginning to paint.  Scale will be stressed and the power of the image in the rectangle. Students will work in oils beginning with a limited palette and eventually building toward a full range color.  The physical process of painting will be stressed especially the idea of paint as flesh.  The tradition of portrait painting will be discussed during the course of the two week and since we have access to a terrific library, images will be easily accessible.  A morning or afternoon trip to the Metropolitan museum will offer students an opportunity for students to look at great portraits directly.  A final critique will take place after the last painting session and everyone is required to attend. Cost: $1,625.




Weeks Five, Six and Seven:

Why Paint the Figure: Elisa Jensen and Guests. July 5-July 22, 2016

This three week figure painting class will explore in depth the development of figurative imagery in art.  Focus will be on finding a personal imagery and developing that imagery to the fullest extent by working from life,  from the imagination and from memory. Frequent visits to the museum and to contemporary gallery shows will be made to study specific works, contemporary to ancient, and western to nonwestern in order to inform the work in the studio.  We will work very small to life size, making many studies and drawings in different media, including drawing, water-based paint to oil. Cost: $2,200.


Sculpture for Public Places: Jilaine Jones, Lee Tribe and Guests. July 5-July 22, 2016

This course focuses on the conception of sculpture for the outdoor urban context. We will enter into this through a site specific approach by initially understanding the physical space of the context itself and the ways in which it is felt and navigated. At first, participants will work outside near the Studio School, drawing and making topographical studies of different, self-selected sites. The ambiance and facts of the volume of space, ground plan, nature, and architectural boundaries, as well as how the space is navigated by and engaged by the public will be the subject of these studies.  These studies will be the foundation for a series of models which introduce form and structure into the place so as to intensify and reconfigure its spatial dynamic or to create a new nucleus of focus. A range of materials will be used, including: clay, board, wire, tubing, found units to broaden potential outcomes. Experiments will also address a range of impulses, roles, narratives, and purposes of sculptural presence in public spaces. In the final week, participants will select models to construct partially at near or full scale. Visiting sculptors and architects will share their experiences working in the public domain. Cost: $2,200. Additional materials fee: $200.





If you are currently enrolled as a full-time student at NYSS, or if you have successfully completed a Marathon or full-time program within the last five years, you are not required to submit an application in order to enroll in upcoming Marathons.

Please e-mail the Student Services Coordinator Tanya Steinberg at and provide: (1) the name of the upcoming course in which you would like to enroll; (2) the name of the program you most recently attended; and (3) the semester and year of the program that you most recently attended.

We will ask you to verify your contact information and update your Emergency Contact information.  We will also ask that you submit a non-refundable $45 processing fee along with a $500 Tuition Deposit (which will be applied to your Tuition payment) in order to secure your place in the upcoming program of your choice. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to the New York Studio School!

The deadline for Summer 2016 Enrollment is May 27, 2016

**Applications will be reviewed as they are received; we encourage you to apply early as some courses may reach full capacity before the deadline.**

Please note: Courses are subject to change and cancellation depending upon enrollment.